Migration deals with the idea of HOME: physical place and psychological space. I had once defined my home as a box that housed my possessions. Where my belongings were the essence. A move had caused me to consolidate what I owned down to almost nothing. There was not a lot of ME in my new space. As a result, I began to explore the definition of home beyond physical limitations. Perhaps home is a state of mind. Of being.  I began to examine where I had come from. Starting with the first home I ever lived in as a child and reevaluating the places I have called home since.

The map pin installation is a migration pattern of the places I have lived over the last ten years. The installation includes floor plans of each space from memory and sewn pillows that correlate with each plan. I have marked my bedroom in each plan and written a memory associated with that space. The sewn pillows are a play off the idea that home is where you rest your head.